Get your workspace,

Boxes from 1 to 10 members.

Meeting Rooms

Hold meetings however, whenever and with whoever you like in our custom designed meeting rooms


Become part of the iSspaces coworking community and enjoy our shared workspace.

Training Rooms

Spaces deliver training sessiones, deliver presentations and even hold team meetings.

Offices for you and your team

Boxes from 1 to 10 members

Coworking-y-networking- iSspaces
Coworking collaboration and networking

Dedicated or hot desks, change places, keep your mind active and create your own contact network in an original space.

Respect, empathy and collaboration are key values in our coworking space. The perfect area to work as you live.

Meeting rooms, bringing life to new projects

Meet with your team to get the latest. A client’s coming to see you? Meet them in iSspaces.

We’ve got various spaces you can use on demand, kitted out with everything you need to make the most of your time.

Book your meeting room at any time, and enjoy high-quality private spaces, with a professional touch when you are working with colleagues, providers or clients.

Need to present your company? Deliver a training session? Go ahead

A training and multi-purpose room which changes size according to your needs.
Share your knowledge, we’ll look after the rest.

Comfortable, versatile, personalised spaces

Come in and see them, once you’ve tried it you won’t want to leave. Carefully designed spaces with everything you need to hand; drinks, snacks, comfortable sofas, chill-out areas, places to speak in private, showers, and personalised attention at the front desk.

Make the most of our calendar of events, workshops and meetups so that you look forward to work on Monday. Make your business work.

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